About Exoconscious Humans TV.

Hi, and welcome to the Exoconscious Humans YouTube. I am your host, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright.

Exoconsciousness is the innate human ability to connect, communicate and co-create with ET, spiritual and multidimensional beings. It describes the psychic or supersensible abilities that we all possess as humans.

Our TV program allows you to explore what it means to be exoconscious within the context of the question of “what it means to be human?”. Delving into this question is critical.

Today, genetic and geo-engineering alter our bodies, food, and many products we use. Alongside these scientific modifications, our planet experiences cosmic adjustments from our Sun and galactic forces. Our program discusses these issues in the context of the Exoconscious Human Bill of Rights.

Primarily, our program guests are experiencers who courageously explore the meaning of their Contact in both their personal and public life. They matured through this exploration, gaining integration and wisdom. As a result, our guests belong to a growing international community of Exoconscious Humans.

As world governments release their UFO or UAP craft information, we identify as a post-disclosure Earth human community. We possess intimate knowledge and wisdom of ET, spiritual and multidimensional beings who are manifesting at this time. Moreover, we offer a distinctive cosmic perspective that includes co-created innovations. Thus, we are a vanguard, fostering greater self-knowledge and planetary advancements.

In the weeks to come, our programs will

  • Deepen your knowledge of Contact
  • Strengthen your psychic abilities
  • Clarify your moral sovereignty and intentions
  • Evolve your physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations and
  • Co-create with ET, spiritual and multidimensional beings.

Our mission is to advance the leadership of Exoconscious Humans.

We nurture one another’s co-creations that support health and peace on Earth and our cosmos.

Exoconscious Humans TV is a project of the nonprofit, Institute for Exoconsciousness.

Welcome to our community.