Cynthia Cañez: Exoconscious Educator:

Posted on September 5, 2023 · Posted in Exoconscious Humans TV

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Exoconscious Coaching Progression: Cynthia Cañez:

Exoconscious Educator

How Contact and Co-Creation influence teaching and student interaction

Cynthia Cañez is the founder of an innovative education organization in Sonora, Mexico, that works with elementary-age students.

They offer a creative curriculum in the arts that enhances the student’s educational experience. Her organization advances the students’ social, emotional, and psychic skills.

Exoconscious Coaching gave expression to Cynthia’s psychic experiences, allowing her to develop a deeper understanding of downloads of information, use psychic skills like telepathy, and co-creation with the benevolent beings surrounding her.

As a young mother of two daughters, she shares touching experiences about how, as a parent, she learned to advance her telepathic abilities with her youngest daughter. She now views telepathy as a natural, curious, nonjudgemental way of communicating.

Cynthia’s journey represents just one example of the broad range of contact influences presented openly by members of the Exoconscious Group Coaching sessions. Adult clients of all ages and backgrounds are able to share their lives with each other under the supportive guidance of Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, founder of the Institute of Exoconsciousness and Exoconscious Humans.