Darlene Van de Grift: Expanding the Universe Within

Posted on January 5, 2023 · Posted in Consciousness, Exoconscious Humans TV, Exoconsciousness

In this Episode:

Darlene Van de Grift discusses her contact experiences and presents methods for connecting with the spiritual Exoconscious realm. What does it take to transform yourself and share with the openness of the expanding universe? Darlene conveys her vast knowledge!

In a bonus Q and A session, Darlene provides details about her other-world connections with multidimensional beings and ETs, including her experiences with members of “The Council of 28”.

Darlene’s Website is https://www.soulunion.com

Podcast: Expansion from Within: Exploring Multidimensionality https://anchor.fm/darlene-van-de-grift/episodes/Episode-1-What-Is-Multidimensionality–Part-1-e1942jk

Darlene’s Cosmic Travelers group meets monthly to work with Multidimensional Beings. Information found on Soulunion.com

Email for contact. Darlenevandegrift@gmail.com