Exoconscious Coaching Progression Part 5: Adult Contact: Donna Atwood

Posted on August 9, 2023 · Posted in Exoconscious Humans TV

In this Episode:

Exoconscious Coaching Progression: Adult Contact: Initiation and Integration

Donna Atwood

What is Exoconscious Coaching? What is the effect of Adult Contact?

Donna Marie Atwood Manobianco, an Exoconscious Group Coaching member and experiencer, shares her spiritual awakening and contact experiences.

Donna discusses her adult contact that impacted her self-awareness and identity as well as her career and life direction. Involved professionally in tech and science, Donna was a former owner of Mano Nanotechnologies, applying geoengineering for the benefit and protection of humans and the planet.

Awakening shifted Donna’s career into helping new experiencers, like herself, to navigate contact that is often bewildering and strange. She shares her techniques for calm integration of the transformations of contact. You will want to hear her guidance.

Donna represents just one example of the broad range of contact influences presented openly by members of the Exoconscious Group Coaching sessions. Adult clients of all ages and backgrounds are able to share their lives with each other under the supportive guidance of Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, founder of the Institute of Exoconsciousness and Exoconscious Humans.