Exoconscious Humans TV Arrives October 15

Posted on October 13, 2022 · Posted in Exoconscious Humans TV

Exoconscious Humans TV arrives on October 15 on App, Apple TV, ROKU, and Amazon FireOn the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) under the Contact and Exoconsciousness Category.

Our TV program is hosted on the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN), an internet TV network committed to expand, evolve, and transform your body/mind/spirit through “out-of-this-world” interviews and educational programming is launching! Download the app. More information on App below*

Exoconsciousness is the innate human ability to connect, communicate and co-create with ET, spiritual and multidimensional beings. It describes the psychic or supersensible abilities that we all possess as humans.

Our program explores what it means to be exoconscious within the context of the question of “what it means to be human?”. Delving into this question is critical as we advance into deeper cosmic awareness.

In the weeks to come, our programs will

  • Deepen your knowledge of Contact
  • Strengthen your psychic abilities
  • Clarify your moral sovereignty and intentions
  • Evolve your physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations and
  • Foster co-creation with ET, spiritual and multidimensional beings.

Our mission is to advance the leadership of Exoconscious Humans. We nurture one another’s co-creations that support health and peace on Earth and our cosmos.

CAN offers fascinating programming and interviews on topics such as ancient origins angelics, walk-ins, hybrids, starseed, extraterrestrials, ascension, deep space, spiritual awakenings, channeling, health & healing, light language, the paranormal and more.

Look for CAN on Roku and Amazon Fire.

Download the app on October 15.

*App Information:

There is no charge for the app but you have to either have the Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV programs already downloaded to access the programming on your phone or computer through the app.

Go to your respective app store and type in Conscious Awakening Network. It will populate in the app store and can be download from there. 

Enjoy all the amazing videos including Exoconscious Humans TV under the Contact and Exoconsciousness category.

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