Exoconsciousness: I’m confused about your ideas

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Would you please tell me about who/what the various EBEs/ ETs are?

Are they mental constructs?

Leak-throughs from other dimensions?

I love questions. Always have. When they hit like these, sent from a consciousness researcher, a friend of John Mack’s, I want to walk right into them. They allow me to clear the clutter of my thinking and feeling. Questions give rise to my knowing.

We like to tell ourselves that answers are truth. Sometimes they are and often they are not. Questions are like answers. One spawns another.  It’s often said a good question answers itself. Answers, prompted by questions, are seeds of awareness we plant until we expand into a new field of consciousness. A new perspective. Are you ready to dig in with me?

What does Exoconsciousness say about ETs, EBE’s? 

Exoconsciousness confirms the Extraterrestrial Presence within each of us, which in turn creates our mass consciousness. A pivotal moment in religion was when Martin Luther, a priest, confronted the Roman Catholic Church’s pervasive control of reality by declaring “all men are priests.”  Bells went off within the mass consciousness.

Today, Exoconsciousness confronts the reality systems of government, church and hierarchy, declaring that all humans possess an innate ability to connect to and communicate with extraterrestrials. Through this ability: “All humans are extraterrestrials.”  Did you just hear bells?    bell choir

Our innate human Exoconscious ability to connect with ET’s is sourced in our consciousness, our psychic abilities that include telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, pre- and post- cognition, healing, psychokinesis, and mediumship.

Ufology inherited the phrase, UFO, unidentified flying object, to define aerial phenomenon that might be extraterrestrial craft. Millions of citizens across the planet have observed these phenomena and filed reports to MUFON-type organizations.

Citizen Hearing  Steve Bassett’s Citizen Hearing Initiative and the Rockefeller Initiative are based  on conclusions from the accepted experts (primarily government, military, and      intelligence) that our planet is, was, and continues to be visited by an  Extraterrestrial Presence.

In a brilliant move, the Disclosure Movement turned the government experts into Disclosure experts. Those who captured, analyzed and sequestered the trails and remnants of UFO craft have become today’s “truthers”.

In Post-Disclosure the relevance of craft investigation in Ufology which is based on material science gradually cedes to consciousness, Exoconsciousness, which is based on consciousness science. Together, we are learning this new science, its ramifications and our abilities within it.

Humans filter social movements through their personal lives. Look at the societal changes of the civil rights, women’s, LGBT, peace movements. We barely notice the changes that have occurred in our thinking and conversations. Gradually our consciousness alters and we are comfortable living in our new reality. It’s an easy slip into a new awareness. We are comfortable because each, within our hearts and minds, creates an identity, a resonance with social movements.  Then, through our new comfortable awareness, we become civil rights, women rights and LGBT, peace. We identify our unidentified. We see these groups, these movements within ourselves.

To paraphrase John Mack’s message regarding ET contact, “it’s not what we thought,” the emergence of Exoconsciousness and its forms will continue to surprise us.

Exoconscious humans can now identify their once unidentified extraterrestrials. We exclaim: “you have been here all along and we have not seen you!” ET, EBE UFO. As this unfolds, eventually, we will no longer need a bevy of “experts” to provide us proof. We become our own truth.  We are the truth we’ve been seeking.

We must nurture and cherish our exoconscious awakening. We are discovering and defining as we connect with ET in its variety of forms: ET, EBE, UFO.

This is our MOST important step because through this awakening, the “experts” and their agendas fall away. Each individual becomes their own priest; their own truth. John Mack understood this. He gave us language to discuss our fears, growth and transformation within the ET experience.

What does Exoconsciousness say about ETs as mental constructs, as leak-throughs from other dimensions?

Consciousness science provides a theoretical framework for Exoconsciousness. In consciousness science, subjective science merges with objective science. Public merges with private. Mass merges with individual. Consciousness is recognized as a fundamental of reality; our brains and bodies defined within this greater field.



It is a major shift to define our brain and body, our Earth, within a multi-dimensional field of consciousness. There are confusing leak-throughs. Other worldly beings perceived throughout human history, ridiculed and not accepted. Fragile mental constructs formed to accommodate experiences. We are coming to terms with this new arena of knowledge, slowly.

The leap into consciousness science is no small feat. We experiment with multi-dimensional abilities. We tap our psychic intelligence. As I like to say, we live in the non-local with our feet on the ground. For many of us, the process is well underway.

Like Martin Luther’s declaration, Exoconsciousness promotes self-governance, self-awareness, self-grounding. With this recognition our abilities expand. We create and define reality. We relate, communicate with an extraterrestrial presence.

Mind is a consciousness field we experience. ETs may be more adept. We can learn from them. That may be the point of their presence at this juncture of our evolution—for us to release the idea of our brain, our body, and our technology as the center of our universe.

Martin LutherWhen Martin Luther drove the first nail into the Wittenberg Castle church door to hang his 95 Thesis document, it wasn’t as dramatic as history recounts. It was common to post ideas. Luther was simply asking for discussion around his ideas. He was simply asking for humans to consider that they were priests.



In Luther’s time this idea was radical. The act and idea of Exoconsciousness–asking humans to consider that they are extraterrestrials–is just as radical. There will be many questions and many answers. There will be surprises and unknowns. That is the process we embrace. For only through this do we identify our unidentified ET.                                                    

The time will come
When, with elation,
You will greet yourself arriving
At your own door, in your own mirror,
And each will smile at the other’s welcome,

And say, sit here, Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
To itself, to the stranger who has loved you 

Love After Love
Derek Walcott