Learn Psychic Abilities: Nancy du Tertre: Part 2

Posted on June 21, 2023 · Posted in Exoconscious Humans TV

In this Episode:

Learn Psychic Abilities: Tools Available for Everyone

Nancy du Tertre

In Part 2 of 2, Nancy du Tertre presents the second half of her presentation “Clues About How to Study Consciousness: But Don’t Take My Word for it!”.

Supported by her vast experience and training in various fields of paranormal activity, Nancy presents compelling arguments for learning multiple psychic skills: Remote Viewing, Psychokinesis, and Mediumship.

Furthermore, Nancy relates her psychic training to the Exoconscious innate human ability to connect, communicate and co-create with ETs, multidimensionals, and spiritual beings.

Nancy shares the UFO sighting she experienced with her daughter and how her psychic intelligence gave her immediate insight into how to capture the details and meaning.

Be sure and watch the end of Nancy’s video for her explanation of consciousness and physical reality.

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