Newsletter Institute for Exoconsciousness April 2019 Vol 1, Issue 3

Posted on April 8, 2019 · Posted in Exoconscious Human, Exoconsciousness, Institute for Exoconsciousness

The Institute for Exoconsciousness is the first and only sustainable nonprofit organization focused exclusively on humans co-creating technology, teachings, art, and healing with extraterrestrials and multidimensionals.

We are building an Exoconscious Civilization and welcome you to join us.

Newsletter Content:

Video: Community of the Exoconscious

ZaZar: A 5th Dimensional Being channeled by Marilyn Gewacke

Eklectia: Experiencers Album: International Times News

When I Remember Chico Xavier YouTube Documentary, English Subtitle

Introducing Stan Ho: Exoconscious China



Video: Community of the Exoconscious

ZaZar: A 5th Dimensional Being channeled by Marilyn Gewacke.

ZaZar’s Message

Eklectia Experiencer Album is featured in International Times

When I Remember Chico Xavier: Documentary English Subtitle Pozati Films

Introducing Stan Ho: Exoconscious Community: China and Hong Kong

Institute Programs

Psychokinesis Research Groups

Can you move an object with your Mind? We are featuring an article by Quantum Physicist, George Weissmann, The Quantum Paradigm and Challenging the Objectivity Assumption.Quantum Paradigm (QP) relates only marginally to PK. It is an article on the QP: on how to understand quantum theory and embody it, and specifically on the need to give up the idea of objectivity in science except as a classical approximation. QP does provide for PK, but that is only one of its many implications. “

Sculpture by
Julian Voss-Andreae

Star Language Rosetta Stone Project: Exoconscious Communication

The Institute’s Rosetta Stone Project is for mainstreaming and translating Star Languages.  Do you speak Star Language? Join us. Email:

Spiritism and Exoconsciousness University

Rodolfo de Oliveira is launching a University through the Institute to study the history, applications, and science of Consciousness, Spirituality/Spiritism and Exoconsciousness.   Here is Rodolfo’s description of Spiritism.  To join, please email Rodolfo at

Exoconscious Healers

Healer and Walkin, Sheila Seppi is organizing an Exoconscious Healers network. Interested? Please email Sheila at


Consciousness and Contact: Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. For more information and to make a reservation, please contact Mia Feroleto at 802 952 6217 or by email at

We need your support to build our Institute Website to serve our Exoconscious Community and their work

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