Newsletter Institute for Exoconsciousness January 2020 Vol 2, Issue 1.

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We are building an Exoconscious Civilization and welcome you to join us.

The Institute for Exoconsciousness is the first sustainable nonprofit organization focused exclusively on humans co-creating technology, education, art, and healing with extraterrestrials and multidimensionals.

I-EXO Programs:

  • Incubator for Exoconscious Inventors and Artists
  • Scientific teams
  • Exoconscious Academy
  • Galactic News Wire Service
  • Exoconscious Healers
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace, “Amazon for Experiencers”

Exoconscious Entrepreneurs

Quantum Leap

New music, Quantum Leap, by Exoconscious Vocal Artist Jane Cuva. QUANTUM LEAP explores the subjects of Consciousness, Suppressed Technology, and Hidden Knowledge. Produced by Jonny Pike.

You Have a Right to Talk to Aliens

Sev Tok wrote her book to help experiencers. Her knowledge of extends to ET travels through time warps and portals. She shares their peaceful intentions.

American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology

Professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, D.W. Pasulka, explores what she calls a new religion centered around a “UFO Phenomenon” in her book American Cosmic.  

The Telepaths – Susan MacWilliam

Northern Ireland Artist, Susan MacWilliam’s The Telepaths, is an installation of sculpture, video, and photographic work that explores ideas and imagery related to historical investigations of telepathy and extra-sensory perception. Parapsychology Foundation’s Lisette Coly interviews Susan MacWilliam.

Space Age Indians: Their Encounters with the Blue Men, Reptilians, and Other Star People

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s SPACE AGE INDIANS presents the encounters of American Indians who lived from the time when the first human astronauts ventured into space to the present day—a time known as the Space Age.

New Observations: Art and Culture Valentine Issue

Art by Peggy Cyphers. Valentine’s issue of New Observations.

Exoconscious Artists and Writers

Mia Feroleto is creating a residency program for artists and writers at Thunderheart Center in Wasta, SD for thirty artists and writers. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at or by phoning 802 952 6217

Aliens Revealed Online Summit

Join a Hand Picked Team of the World’s Leading Alien and Other Worldly Experts As They Reveal Their  Top Secrets…Register for Rare 3-Day FREE Online Event January 31st – February 1st & 2nd 2020

The Phoenix Lights Annual Celebration

SUNDAY, MARCH 15th 1 -5 pm
SCOTTSDALE HARKINS SHEA 14 CINEMA7354 E. Shea Blvd (Scottsdale Rd. & Shea)(480) 948-6555

Robert Schwartz @ SpiritWay

Past Life Soul Regression Therapist, Robert Schwartz presents at SpiritWay’s Consciousness Awakening Series, April 24, 25, 26.

Consciousness and Contact Conference

July 23 through 27, 2020, in Wasta, South Dakota. Speakers include Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, Barbara Lamb, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, David Louis, Tolec, Victor Viggiani, and Juliano Pozati. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at or 802 952 6217

SpiritFest 2020: The Flip Side of the Coin

Sheila Seppi welcomes you to Spirit Fest 2020, October 2,3,4 in EagleVail Colorado. Give yourself the gift of conscious awakening! 

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