Newsletter Institute for Exoconsciousness July, 2019 Vol 1, Issue 4

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The Institute for Exoconsciousness is the first and only sustainable nonprofit organization focused exclusively on humans co-creating technology, education, art, and healing with extraterrestrials and multidimensionals.

We are building an Exoconscious Civilization and welcome you to join us.

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The Institute for Exoconsciousness Board of Advisors is a co-creative collaborative model that integrates our ET/Multidimensional Councils. More to come about our Board members….

Institute Programs

Psychokinesis Program:

II PRK Experiment Background: Eugene Kovalenko’s second [RPK] project began August 14, 1965 with a simple, clear dream image of a single hanging object. At the time he was a new PhD nuclear materials research scientist at General Atomic in La Jolla, California, looking for an experiment that would allow him to reconcile hard science, rational, skeptical background with a UFO emotional experience.

Rosetta Stone: Star Language Program

Jacquelin Smith is offering an E-Course: How To Telepathically Communicate with 
Star Beings & Better Understand Who They Are

Her Light Language Codes and Cosmic Portraits online store is now open.

Exoconscious Entrepreneurs

Miguel Mendonça: Lightworker Books

Miguel launched a full-service publishing service. “As a writer, editor, designer and publisher I can help you think through your book from start to finish.Whether it is fiction, non-fiction or a bit of both, we can give your story the love it needs to bring it to the world.”

Jane Cuva: Songwriter and Performer

Jane’s latest track MAYDAY, is inspired by the many reported cases of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFO’s) and the Disclosure movement. “I would describe my mezzo-soprano sound as sometimes haunting, always emotionally charged and definitely therapy for the soul.”

Fay Vale: ET as Artist

For 12 years, Fay Vale has been receiving images from a variety of ETs, producing over 2,000 to date. For the first time, a selection of these exquisite images are collected in a book for the public, experiencers, researchers and art lovers to study and enjoy. Some contain messages about their worlds or ours, and offer insight into past, present and future relationships between the beings, animals and the human race.

Flavio Michelutti: Healing Through the Heart

Flavio’s book is an experimental manual between the subtle and physical. It proposes a break in daily life, just to feel it, and to identify within ourselves all the potential of being. Its information was psychographed, written by six hands, only four are matter visible.

Date Line: July 20, 2019, São Paulo

Join Juliano Pozati, Circle, and the spiritual community for their Date Line Conference. Streaming is available. Watch live the Date Limit Encounter according to Chico Zavier from 8:00 am (São Paulo Time).

Consciousness and Contact Conference, July 18-22, Pine Ridge Reservation

Conscious Contact Conference is July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling 802-952-6217. This intimate conference features 10 speakers and 25-30 attendees.

Institute for Exoconsciousness at International UFO Congress, September 4-8, Phoenix

Join our Exoconscious Community in Phoenix for the IUFO Congress. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright will present the work of the Institute on Thursday, September 4, and lead Experiencer Groups.

Cosmic Consciousness Conference: Uluru Australia, January 11-13

Join our Exoconscious Community who are traveling to Uluru for the conference. Visiting a site such as Uluru, especially to mediate and make ceremony, can result in strong connections with Gaia.  It will also activate your energy system, bring immense personal healing and advance your spiritual awakening. 

Guardians of Humanity, April 10-12, 2020, BELO HORIZONTE , Brazil

Be in Brazil: The science of the future in the present. Aliens, space scientists, extraphysical consciousnesses, united in the ultimate challenge: a new world, a new humanity.

ET Experiencer Group Online

Join an online Experiencer Groups the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month- 1:00PM – 3:00PM online on ZOOM. Email or Call either Gwen or Michelle.

Gwen Farrell

Michelle Emerson