Part One: Exoconsciousness: One SEED we have SEEN

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“You did everything possible to bury me – But you forgot that I am a seed” Dinos Christianopoulos

For seventy years Ufology defined UFOs and ETs through the witness reports and research of intelligence- government-military. Many of these sources witnessed the National Security threat of the UFO presence. This National Security threat of UFOs was then leveraged as the logical and timely reason for political disclosure. If “someone” is attacking us, or has the potential to attack us, then as citizens, we deserve to know the source. National Security shifted Ufology’s primary focus to Exopolitics.

Exopolitics seeks Disclosure through political channels, pressuring the President of the United States and leaders of other nations to publicly verify UFO history.

Today the public image of Ufology is comprised primarily of a National Security threat plus intelligence-government-military sources of information about the threat. This is how citizens and the media view us.  In current social media parlance—this is our brand. This is the fruit of our 70 year seeding in these fields.

Question: Is this the image, the brand, we want to maintain? Is this the Ufology identity we choose? If not, are there other options?

An  Exoconscious case can be made on 5 accounts as to whether we continue with this image or if it is

time to re-think our current public identity.

  1. We have become our sources. The way consciousness works is that as we saturate ourselves in another’s information we adopt their energies, their intentions and their belief systems. Their facts become our facts. Their worldview becomes ours. We become our sources—intelligence-government-military. Is this who we are? Is this our identity?
  2. We become the false beliefs inherent in our sources. 70 years ago we chose to look for extraterrestrial information in the very worlds that, we believe, took our information and our power from us. We convinced ourselves that intelligence-government-military, in many cases, deprived us of UFO ET information and its power. How dare they? A dynamic quickly came into play. The more intently we believed that intelligence-government-military possessed deep secrets, the stronger their grip on the perceived secrets and the stronger their power over us. How much more power will we give these sources during our frantic search for their ever deepening archives of information? Only time will tell, and even then…well… it’s a secret. Structured in our own cognitive dissonance.
  3. As such, we relinquished our power. As we defined ourselves by those we perceived as powerful, we lost our power. One Ufologist friend referred to himself as Sisyphus, continually rolling the boulder up a hill, only to see it roll back down, again and again.
  4. We played the game of secrecy. We use the word secret information to justify mining  intelligence-government-military sources. When we do, we
    Secret box

    play games with ourselves. Ironically, the word secret came into our vernacular quite late, the latter 14, early 15 century–and it was connected to the word crisis, as medically defined. Crisis was defined as a judgment or turning point in a disease.  A separation. A once concealed, private part that either healed or destroyed. Apparently those in the 14-15 century medical model realized that secrets, secretions, were within us. Then over time, surgically, the use of the word secret was removed from our body, our consciousness, to be housed in agencies. Six centuries later, it is time for us to reclaim secrets, to acknowledge the information within us.

  5. Secrets are simply information in a field accessible by human consciousness. What if, days or years or decades from now we discover that UFOs and ETs have nothing to do with intelligence-government-military as we convinced ourselves. What if, days or years or decades from now we discover that UFOs and ETs have everything to do with us as humans, with our extraterrestrial consciousness. We may cry betrayal. Unfair. But the fault will lie at our own feet, in our own self we refused to see. In our refusal to reclaim information as part of the body of our consciousness.

Exoconsciousness is an option for a new public image. A new worldview. Yet possibly, it may prove more difficult than mining secret intelligence-government-military sources. Exoconsciousness involves conscientious self-knowledge of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of  our consciousness. This self-knowledge is innate in every human, not limited those having the highest security clearance. 

Let’s be clear what Exoconscious identity is within Ufology


Exoconscious identity is not counter-intelligence program played by some intelligence division to dispense disinformation or propaganda.

It is not a manufactured alien threat to justify or shroud exotic weapons in space.

It is not a delusion diagnosed by the medical-psychiatric community to silence or define ET experiencers.

It is not a joke to be ridiculed in social conversation.

It is not a terror-inducing Hollywood theme of techno-psychosis or star wars.

It is not found in a secret government or Vatican file.

It is not a UFO history of facts sanitized and then dispensed piecemeal  by experts.

It is not UFO information clips outed by intelligence-military- government “truthers” gone viral.

And when the time comes that you really want to find out the truth, there is no one left to ask.  Deborah Lawrenson.

Part 2 Continues….