Sharks and Humans: Attack in an Electromagnetic Ocean. Shark and Human share Exoconsciousness

Sharks and Humans: Attack in an Electromagnetic Ocean

Posted on July 7, 2015 · Posted in Exoconsciousness, Extraterrestrial, Healing

In mid-June I stayed at a mom and pop hotel on Oak Island, North Carolina. The day after we departed, two people were attacked by a shark on the beach below our hotel.

As a believer that animals communicate messages to people, a shamanic tradition, I asked what message shark was bringing?

Cellular Similarity of Humans and Sharks

It turns out that we humans are genetically similar to sharks. And, the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds our mutual environment is causing both humans and sharks to experience confusion, fear and anxiety. We humans experience confusion and respond with attack, just like the sharks.

Humans and sharks share the same genes that give sharks their sixth sense and allows them to detect electrical signals. These genes are also responsible for the development of head and facial features in humans.

According to scientists, sharks have an array of special cells that sense electromagnetics.  Sharks use these cell for navigation and hunting. They may be able to navigate via celestial clues–from the stars and the electromagnetic fields of space.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

So humans and sharks share similar genes. Could humans and sharks share a knowledge of the stars, earth changes, and electromagnetic fields?  A sixth sense? Quite likely.

Our Common Body Electric Exoconscious

A main theme of Exoconsciousness is our innate connection to our celestial environment.  I incorporated The Body Electric by Robert Becker and his research into Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind.

In his book, Becker shares the potentials of the magnetic fields on the nervous system, taking into account external influences like earth magnetism and solar winds. He measured the electrical properties along the skin surface, and concluded that major parts of the acupuncture charts had an objective basis in reality.

Here we have a convergence of humans and sharks.  Both possess electromagnetic abilities for navigation and hunting. But the convergence doesn’t stop there.

Sharks and humans share an increasingly polluted environment of electronic smog from overwhelming emissions from cell phones, wifi systems, security cameras, electric power grids and weather modification systems like HAARP.

Make no mistake, this electronic smog is making us all crazy.

Isn’t it interesting that we humans boast of space technology while this technology simultaneously deprives us of celestial navigation that is innate in our species. How can we travel the stars if we no longer know where we are going? 

Electronic Pollution

Dr Warnke, a lecturer at the University of Saarland, in Germany, has spent 30 years researching the electromagnetic effects on wildlife–the world’s natural electrical and magnetic fields have had a “decisive hand in the evolution of species. Our species learned to use these fields to work out where they were, the time of day, and the approach of bad weather.

Now, he says, “man-made technology has created transmitters which have fundamentally changed the natural electromagnetic energies and forces on the earth’s surface. Animals that depend on natural electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields for their orientation and navigation are confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields.”

His research has shown that bees exposed to the kinds of electrical fields generated by power lines killed each other and their young, while ones exposed to signals in the same range as mobile phones lost much of their homing ability.

So we created a polluted electromagnetic field that provokes people killing people, sharks killing people, bees killing each other. We lost our way.

Message from Mom

Frightened, we don’t go in the ocean for fear of sharks. Instead, we go back to our hotel and watch Shark Week and Jaws which causes more fear and more electromagnetic pollution.

We need to take our mom’s advice:  turn off the television, turn off the cell phone and computer. Go to your room or a quiet place.  Settle down. Just settle down.

Shark Message to Humans 

One of my heros is Ted Andrews, a fellow Daytonian, who wrote Animal Speak. According to Ted, the message from shark is be sensitive and flexible. Though you are peace-loving, you are a survivor and will put up a fight if one is
called for. An opportunity will soon present that calls for immediate action.

Here is how I interpret shark’s message:

Each time a shark attacks, we humans need to call ourselves to accountability. We need to act on behalf of  a healthy planet. 

We humans are creating trauma and fear in ourselves and in every living being on Earth.  We are losing our way.  Earth and its people and animals are losing their way. Our common electromagnetic field is polluted and we are responsible to our own destruction. Not the sharks. Not the bees. We are responsible.

But, a new planetary path is easily found. First, turn off. Go to your room, or a quiet place. The path of action within will emerge. It is waiting. Our exoconsciousness is waiting. Our path to the stars is waiting within.