Sheila Seppi: Journey of a Walk-In

Posted on January 27, 2023 · Posted in Exoconscious Humans TV, future, Healing

In this Episode:

What is a Walk-In? Sheila Seppi recounts her journey and struggles in becoming the Walk-In she is today. You’ll hear details of what it’s like to be a Walk-In, learn about spiritual evolution, and the importance of their Earthly mission; to incarnate in our reality the soul-spirit of beings that originate on other worlds. As the founder of the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN), Sheila has demonstrated the power of Walk-Ins to willfully transform our planet.

In the program’s last segment, following an introduction by Alan Steinfeld that includes Exoconscious Humans’ Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Sheila entertains a number of questions presented by Alan. Curiosity about the nature of the Walk-In experience fuel this Q&A session. Enjoy!