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The classified Remote Viewing program STAR GATE is now mainstream.

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Red Ice Creations

This weekend the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) conference begins in Las Vegas, NV

I applaud how they define psychic abilities as complementary cognition.  ” we…regard intuition, gut instincts, ESP and remote viewing as natural, normal parts of human consciousness. Drawing a parallel to “complementary medicine” and “integrative medicine,” remote viewing and similar phenomena might be thought of as “complementary cognition” and “integrative perception.”

When I lived in Phoenix, I taught Remote Viewing and found that every participant had RV ability. Some were able to be more detailed than others, but the ability to receive detailed information can be learned and improved with practice.

Russell Tarq

Living in the Exoconscious reality of RV, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other information gathering psychic abilities provides us a deeper understanding of the Quantum Hologram. It also presents us a unique perspective of the awkward information gathering systems such as NSA operates.

In an Exoconscious reality there are no secrets. Privacy is an intention.

Thanks to Steve Hammons for his coverage of the RV conference.