Unspeakable Exoconscious: Swimming with Stars

Posted on October 21, 2016 · Posted in Exoconscious Human

It’s nine o’clock on a late summer morning. Below the window of my apartment, a patient lifeguard holds squirming children—from India, Africa, Asia, Americas—and teaches them to swim. He elicits a glorious choir of squeals, laughter, splashing and yelling.

Eventually the children swim. But first, they become silent. That is the most glorious sound. The silence of success. Silently swimming, submerged, and yet more alive than ever.



Unspeakable Exoconscious

We ET Experiencers know the silence. Every ET encounter holds the unspeakable. What happens to us is either too complicated or we don’t have the language to express it.  So, we remain silent.

Many of us remain silent for a lifetime. Locked in an indescribable experience.

Each morning I witness the innate ability of humans to float, even swim through the water. Safely and with ease. Held in the arm of a calming lifeguard who releases when it’s time.

Most mornings, I open my email to read about the innate ability of humans to connect and communicate with ET. My heart and eyes hold those who email me and their messages like the lifeguard—listening to yearnings, confusions, and joy when ET shows up.

Swimming in Exoconsciousness

Humans have innate abilities—swimming, singing, dancing, learning, loving. We also have the innate ability to connect and communicate with Extraterrestrials. Safely and with ease.

da-vinci-manThe Tilting

When we encounter ET, something inside us “tilts” toward the source. We tilt toward a being, or an orb, or a UFO or a voice.

Some of us tilt home to the Stars. We call ourselves Star Seeds. We are referring to our origins in the stars.  Our Exoconscious origins that connect us to a deeper and broader reality of who we are as HUMANS.  We connect to our Star Families, guides, and mentors. ETs throughout our cosmos. Those from the “other dimensions” who have patiently held us—like a lifeguard—beckoning us to swim in this multi-dimensional reality.

From Silence to Fear

As experiencers, the crook of an invisible ET arm is where we have been held—often for much of our life—fearful of swimming into the stars. Have you felt the resistance, fear, avoidance of your ET encounter? I have.

We deny. We play games with ourselves. We laugh at what happened. We over-analyze. We stay silent. We flay. We flounder.     fear-of-swimming

It is so much easier to sit in our backyard and bemoan the fact that the UFOs don’t appear again. Or lie in bed, hoping for another glimpse of an ET out of the corner of our eye.

If it doesn’t happen again, I’ve failed. Failure becomes is our familiar.  I will never swim.

Even when someone gets in front of us and tells us what they see in us—a magnificent masterful being. An ET human. We back away. I will never swim in that being.

The Willing

But the fact is that You Will. We all will.

Because who you are is Exoconscious. Something in you tilted with your first ET Experience and remains so. Tilted toward who YOU are.

Exoconsciousness is about REALITY. Living in a new reality as a human. Letting go of beliefs, drama, and even lies about who we are as humans; and deciding to swim in an Exoconscious Reality.  Swim as a Star being.

The Strength of our Exoconsciousness   starfish

The fact is, humans have a built-in life preserver.  We are Exoconscious, aware and awake, living via our psychic intelligence, able to connect and communicate with ET.

Some of us chose to die to re-establish this connection.  Ask a Near Death Experiencer how their identity changed regarding how they see reality and now live. Many NDE are ET Experiencers, Exoconscious.  Some lost loved ones in the NDE. And that loss drove them even deeper into the connections. Some had to create a new reality around those who passed over when they did not.

Some of us chose to become healers. Overtime we felt this buildup of energy and light coming into our bodies, minds, and spirits until we HAVE to share it with others. As a healer we share energy, not meds—energy. That is how we heal others and ourselves.

Some of us chose become inventors. After years of study and research, we are suddenly struck by an invention. A practical way to harness the energy we experience. We apply this energy via inventions and produce them for others to use. We have to share our inventions with others. That is how we release our intelligence in healthy ways.

Overflow of Psychic Intelligence

Psychic intelligence, a major component of Exoconsciousness, once accessed, builds in us until it spills out into our world. Our human spirit, talents, and gifts merge into a wave of awakening with others. We have to share. We have to participate. We have to build community where our gifts can live and grow.

Exoconscious Announcement: You can Swim

Sometimes Poetry says it best.


by Marie Howe

Even if I don’t see it again.–nor ever feel it

I know it is–and that if once it hailed me

it ever does–

and so it is myself I want to turn in that direction

not as towards a place, but it was a tilting

within myself,

as one turns a mirror to flash the light to where

it isn’t.–I was blinded like that–and swam

in what shone at me

only able to endure it by being no one and so

specifically myself I thought I’d die

from being loved like that.”


The Institute for Exoconsciousness is one community, amid many. We are a community within communities.

What do we do?  We nurture the squirming, squealing, laughing, splashing, and yelling that culminates in Exoconscious ET experiencers. We nurture with compassion and love. We nurture with structure and strength. We nurture with people—just like you—who choose to move into a new reality.

We swim. Want to join us?

First, connect with us via our website Exoconsciousness. Read our blog.

Second, volunteer to gather a group of ET experiencers, Star Seeds, and grow a soul garden that awakens in all of you.  Connect with us and we will share resources, books and media.

Third, volunteer to strengthen the structure of the Institute for Exoconsciousness. We need news writers, bloggers, project managers, web designers, graphic artists. We need your awakening to meet up with ours.

Fourth, if you have financial resources, donate to strengthen our structure. You will be donating to an open structure, flexible, and ready to embrace the vast reality of humans who are Exoconscious.

Join us, and you will feel more alive than ever.